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Green Screen Studios in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Upstate NY. Locations in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, etc. Pre-lit Green Cyc with other options.

Book your session in our advanced green screen studios now! Enhance your project with our premium technology and expert support.

Green Screen Room
Video Soundstage
Brooklyn Starlight Stages

Largest selection of green screen stages

NYC Green Cyclorama Soundstages



Brooklyn Flatbush VFX Studios

Flatbush Brooklyn Green Cyc Studios: 

Filmmaking, Music Video, and Photography Studio in Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn.

  • 3 Wall Green cyc stage,
  • Makeup and green room
  • Camera and Lighting Packages
  • Skylights, makeup station, and more amenities!
Brooklyn Flatbush VFX Studios
Midtown North

Midtown North

  • Ten-hour rental: $1,695.
  • Stage Square Footage: 2000 sq.ft
  • 10 ft Ceilings
  • Hard Cyc, Green or White Cyc Stage
  • Green or White Cyc Size: 20W X 16L X 10h
  • Pre-Lit Stage Rental
  • 200 Amps of power
  • Green Room
  • Kitchen
  • Hair and Makeup Room

Chelsea East Loft 12′ Green Seamless

$1380 Ten Hour Day

  • 25th Street Chelsea, Manhattan
  • Grid / Grip & Electric
  • 12′ Green or White Seamless Cyc
  • Elegant Loft
  • 1GB Symetrica; Internet
  • Makeup/Hair Room
  • 4/7 Freight Access with Loading Dock
  • Kitchen, Living Room
  • WebCasting Facility
Chelsea East
Video Soundstage

Chelsea 28th Street Studio

Three Wall Green Screen Sound Stage

$1950 Ten Hour Day

  • 11.5 Ceilings, 23′ Wide
  • Lighting Grid
  • Prelit Green Screen
  • Grip and Lighting included
  • Power
  • Studio manager
  • Large Greenroom
  • Hair & Makeup Room
  • Kitchen Access
  • Freight Access
  • High Speed Internet
  • 120 amps / 3 phase electric
  • WebCasting Available

Chelsea West Studios


  • 140 AMP Power Distribution
  • 10ft High Ceiling Clearance
  • Camera, Grip & Lighting Packages
  • Tables, Chairs and Production Expendables
  • Cyc Painted Any Color Upon Request
  • HMU Station
Chelsea West
Photo by Chris Setter Photography @

Brooklyn Prime Studio 6

One Wall Green Cyc

Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

Qualified NY Film Production Tax Credit

  • Full Grip & Electric
  • 1000′ Sq Ft with a 25′ X 20’10” Cyc
  • 16′ Ceiling
  • Hair And Makeup Stations, Green Room, Private Bathrooms for VIP Talent/Clients, Catering Room
  • Direct Access to Loading Dock
  • 480 Amps of Power
  • WebCasting Facility

Pioneers in Video Production


LED Video Wall Studio

American Movie Company offers a wide range of services, including webcasting and live streaming; teleprompter and interrotron rentals; a green/white cyclorama; an LED video wall; and more. We can humbly boast of having an amazing crew. They are all experts in their field and are passionate about their work. We have an impressive array of gear for rent as well. Suffice it to say, we’ve got you covered!

We have been fully immersed in the film and video industry for decades. Our expertise was earned empirically. Years of experience in all aspects of the film business give our clients confidence – they’re in good hands. They can trust us.


We Offer Solutions to Enhance Your Business.

Our history with Green Screen Sound Stages is long and storied. We have worked with countless clients, not only in the film industry but in the business and political worlds. Our years of practice guarantee success! Clients rely on us.

green screen studio

Sometimes it’s not easy being green… There are options!

We have white cyc rentals, dedicated standing sets, for example, a kitchen, bathroom, living room, news desks, etc. We are fully furnished, as it were, but there is more! We are super excited about our newest toy! LED Video Wall. More! We have many locations outside of our beloved New York City. Explore studios in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Westchester, and be adventurous, venture out to New Jersey or even Philadelphia. We’re everywhere! We are the most amenable of folks. If you don’t like green or prefer another color, we can have it painted for you! Speaking of being amenable… we have amenities galore! Our studios come fully equipped with the usual stuff. Green rooms, hair and makeup stations, kitchens, dressing rooms with hangers, and pressing needs. When you book one of our studios, you also get a studio manager, whose goal is to help you with your needs. Let me not forget to tell you that the stage is pre-lit. You can relax and let us do the heavy lifting!

Allow me to highlight our most popular offerings and extol our virtues.

Green Screen Studios in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Upstate NY. Locations in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, etc. Pre-lit Green Cyc with other options. Celebrity friendly. We are discrete. Green Screen solutions for small to large production budgets.
White Cyc Drive-in White Cyc Stages in the Metropolitan area. Our studios accommodate small to humongous productions. Colorful seamless paper options. A cut above - Hair and makeup station. Shooting kitchens for cooking videos.
Film Set Locations Rooftops with a view. Penthouses and mansions for luxurious shoots. Dedicated standing sets. Bedrooms, Living rooms, bars, classrooms. Large loft spaces with a unique look. Grungy alleyways, warehouses, and docks. News desk sets. Virtual and fantastical locations: Museums, train stations, castles, spaceships, etc. An enormous selection of props for rental.
WebCasting Live Stream from all our studio rentals. Experienced WebCasting technicians. Skytronn Service: Remote video production. You don’t even have to be there. Flypack rentals. Live Streaming events - small and large, size does not matter. We go everywhere: On land, on sea, inside places of worship, stadiums, concert halls, auditoriums, and wherever else you can imagine.
Teleprompter Rental Standard Through-the-lens Prompter Presidential Teleprompter Interrotron EyeDirect Prompter iPad You Prompter Teleprompter Operators read to go above and beyond. Teleprompter service in all major movie markets. You are hereby prompted to give us a call! .
4K/8K Video Production -We sing praises to our motley crew. They’re the best! - DPs with vision. Fearless! They’ll hang from anywhere! - Gaffer, grip, AC, technicians, PAs, and production managers you can count on. - Squeaky floors? Sound off! Call the sound mavens, foley guys with mics on! - The best splicers in town! post production, editors, and VFX animators. At Green Screen New York we have the whole shebang! Call us for a customized package. We are eager to help you bring your production to fruition.zz

We at Green Screen New York adhere to the CDC Covid-19 safety guidelines

Our team is always tested before being on set. We maintain social distancing protocols and wear masks at all times. Our stages are routinely sanitized as is our equipment. We’re cautious to a fault.

Our team of producers is delighted to meet you and work closely to create your vision.

Let us find the right studio, people with the best crew, and the right equipment. Call us to book your next Green Cyc Stage!

brooklyn green screen stage

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