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WebCasting Services

WebCasting Services

Live Streaming Video Production | WebCasting Services

Having your target audience virtually attend your event in real-time is now made even more accessible with our WebCasting Services. Also called Live Streaming, WebCasting is basically “broadcasting” over the Internet.

It lets you record and broadcast any occasion be it weddings, concerts, parties, church services, corporate events, and more in real-time. It’s like being there in person.

webcasting anywhere

WebCasting / Live Streaming encourages engagement.

In the business world, the need of engaging with customers and building trusting relationships with them couldn’t be more emphasized. These are crucial in a business’s growth and success. Now more than ever, thanks to social media, people limitlessly share their thoughts, feedback, comments, likes, and shares on Streaming Video. It’s all about connection.

Just imagine the impact it would have on your endeavors.

Make Your Next Event… A World Event

Our Webcasting Services knows no geographical boundaries. Wherever you want your event to be broadcast, we got it covered. We just send you our new Micro FlyPacks along with our “WebCast anywhere 4G Bonded Cellular Units” accompanied by an experienced technician/TD. Just hire a local camera crew and you’re all set to WebCast your production worldwide.

We provide six (6) Live Streaming Studios in Manhattan and four (4) more in Brooklyn and Astoria.

Having no Internet connection is also not a problem.

Our 4G Bonded Cellular Technology can Live Stream in 1080p from almost any location be it land (in Central Park), air (in a helicopter) or water (in Hudson River). We also offer 1080p Streaming from a wide selection of professional camera drones.

We can surely accommodate every type of HD live production from a wide range of budgets. From weekly shows to live TV, to any event. We can even broadcast mid-roll advertisements and publish audience analytics.

Our WebCasting / Live Streaming services are truly the most handy and all-around live streaming services.

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