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Teleprompter is defining and reshaping the way speeches were given. Politics, news media, and the film industry share the same interest in using this amazing piece of technology.

For years, Teleprompter, Interrotron, EyeDirect, Presidential Teleprompter, Confidence Monitor, and Eyeprompter or iPad Prompter have become common names among politicians, celebrities, directors and producers, and familiar equipment in newsrooms, campaigns, talk shows, interviews, documentaries, and other events.

To say that the teleprompter is a big help to film industry people, news personnel and politicians is an understatement. Its impact is greater than great and its uses, paramount. The success of teleprompters delivering those shoots however hugely depends on the hands of a professional teleprompter operator.

We at Teleprompter Rental know exactly that and we provide the most excellent teleprompter rental services, unparalleled. Every prompter you rent (teleprompters, interrotron, presidential teleprompters) comes with a professional operator, a laptop, and software.


Fits Your Needs

You need it, you name it, you’ll have it.

You can count on us on any prompting needs. We hold our reputation as a reliable teleprompter rental company. Our clients esteem our services and come back time and time again.

Interrotron Rental

Interrotron Mark IV 4K units are available for rentals in North America. We have three (3) in NYC and two (2) in Hollywood. Equip with Blackmagic 4K camera and quality lenses, the director’s unit will capture and record ultra HD shots. It’s just what they need to direct the talent and produce authentic responses and reactions.

High-end cameras such as Red Dragon, Alexa, F35, C300 and others are compatible with the Interrotron Mark IV 4K.

We are innovative as we are effective so expect more 4K units soon to come.

Presidential Prompter

Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Have you seen former president Barrack Obama made a speech and think to yourself, “Now that’s the way to make a statement”?” The teleprompter that President Obama used is the same as our presidential teleprompter unit.

Have the confidence in speaking to a crowd in your next live event with this prompter set-up.

We are a professional presidential teleprompter rental company that have prompted for famous individuals such as former First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Hugh Jackman to name a few.

Battery-Powered Daylight Teleprompter

Shooting in broad daylight poses no problem. Our battery-powered daylight teleprompter has notably high bright monitors to ensure visibility in daylight. A pair of extra heavy duty batteries for the prompter is provided along with the operator’s laptop’s additional back up batteries.

Needless to say, special care for these prompters must be taken. Taking them away from the sun or direct sunlight is substantial.

Battery-Powered Daylight Teleprompter

Technical Support

To operate a teleprompter is one thing. To provide technical services for it is another. 

Of course, we want productions to run smooth as silk. But we can’t always have what we want, right? And when things don’t go according to plan, we expect the teleprompter operator to keep us back on track. Sadly, they can’t all be technicians. 

This is where we pride ourselves. Our teleprompter operators are all professional not just in operating the prompter but also in addressing technical issues. 

We can get you back on track in no time.

This means lower time cost which means minimal loss in production.

We have professional operators who are available anytime, anywhere. They are eager to work and give their 110%.

Teleprompter Speech Coaching

A confident speaker isn’t born, it’s made, either by experience, upbringing or training. 

It’s nerve-wracking to speak in front of a crowd. Being nervous can make you less effective as a speaker. Whether you’ll be making a speech, be part of an interview, do auditions, or do anything that involves the use of a teleprompter, we provide speech coaching for you.

Our speech coaches are seasoned individuals who worked and have produced calm, compelling, engaging and confident speakers and actors.

Tri-coastal Teleprompter Company

The Teleprompter Rental Company has offices in New York, Hollywood, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, etc. Truly, a “Tri-coastal Teleprompter Company.”

We have several locations in Manhattan and our teleprompter services we are effective as we are in NYC as we are in other locations in North America. You’ll be getting consistent, professional-quality service like no other.

Call us and see what our Teleprompter, Interrotron, EyeDirect, Presidential Teleprompter, Confidence Monitor, and Eyeprompter or iPad Prompter along with our professional operators can create!

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