LED Video Wall Studio

New Brooklyn Studio With 25′ Curved LED Video Wall.

LED XR Studio

We made an LED XR Volume that is perfect for live-streamed events and virtual productions. The studio uses the same technology and process that was used to make The Mandalorian and other recent Star Wars and Marvel movies. They fully integrate the Unreal Engine with Stype camera tracking. The studio has two high-end graphic workstations with special versions of the Unreal Engine made for real-time broadcast and virtual production. This lets you use the same tools as Hollywood studios and major cable news networks for your productions, either on the studio’s large 3-wall green screen or on the newly installed 4K LED Volume!

LED Video Wall Studio
LED Video Wall Studio
LED Video Wall Studio

LED Technology:

Industry-leading Infiled XII LED panels with 1.9mm pixel pitch create a 4K, curved 25ft wide by 10ft high wall in the LED Volume. These LED panels bend smoothly. A 12ft x 12ft LED ceiling on adjustable motor hoists illuminates talent with visuals on the wall and ceiling for seamless, immersive presentations. A 6ft by 6ft moving panel can be placed around the performer in just the right way to make reflections on their faces and real-looking lighting.


LED Volume Controllers

Novastar MX40 Pro Controllers with A10s Pro Receiving Cards power XR Volume. NovaStar’s xR solution is optimized for virtual manufacturing and solves black field and scan line issues. This solution uses industry-leading picture boosting technology to help customers create more realistic shooting settings. NovaStar’s new LED control platform, VMP, blends design, monitoring, and management for the ultimate control experience.


A Stype RedSpy camera tracking system built into Unreal Engine 5 tracks two cameras in real time.

The most popular optical camera-tracking system, RedSpy, sets industry standards for precision. It uses precisely calibrated algorithms to track three sensors:

LED Video Wall Studio

RedSpy is the industry standard for camera tracking. It tracks cranes, pedestals, steadicams, and handheld cameras well.The RedSpy works wirelessly indoors and outdoors.

RedSpy allows real-time pre-visualizations of virtual film scenes. The staff can naturally conduct their work instead of memorizing scripts and “pretending” the virtual pieces are in space.

RedSpy tracks LTC timecode, lens distortion, and FBX and XML data. The saved data includes camera motions, zooms, and focus, making post-production easier than ever! RedSpy works with all of the major render engines, such as Unreal Engine, Maya, 3dStudioMax, Cinema4D, Blender, etc., through proprietary plugins and separate tools.

Human Crane by Stype

The LED Studio implemented stYpe’s HumanCrane, which solves virtual production set crane issues. HumanCrane aims towards precision, practicality, and resilience. Each crane element is CNC-ed for quality virtual effects, and each joint can be leveled quickly and precisely.  The head bearings, motors, and joysticks are durable. One of the best motion controllers among lightweight crane camera heads, this ensures smooth operation even at slow speeds. HumanCrane’s AutoAiming keeps the target in frame. The crane arm can swing in any direction, and the head will aim at the target, allowing the operator to alter the shot. HumanCrane is a semi-autonomous crane with AutomaticAiming, AutomaticFocusing, Recording & Playback that can record invisible virtual images. In TV and film, repeatable shots are now easy.

LED Video Wall Studio
This studio can be rented with or without the use of a private outdoor courtyard and with or without extra space for hair and makeup or production staff. You can load in right from the street, and there is also private parking.
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