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And This is What a Green Screen Shoot Looks like

Is this really a Green Screen Shoot?

Well, it is and it isn't.
We asked our talented video editing crew to put together something that would show the normal street person what things really looked like behind the scenes.

Which those amazing Video Production Editors in nyc actually did.
But then they went a bit further and while we weren't watching they just totally went overboard with it.

But what's not to like about this.

If you want production video done that looks as good or better than this, call us.

Perhaps you want to promote a new product launch or celebrate a press release that you really want all the top AP press people to pick up.

Perhaps your thang' is wild music productions with an absolute orgy of artistic talent.

Whatever your video production needs are, call us. We eat, live and sleep green screens, cyc, video production and editing, so don't do it without us.

Wild Crowd of People Partying