Skytronn Rental

The Advanced Skytronn System is an Interrotron at a distance.

Typical use: The director is in one location and the talent in another. He/she directs the talent through the lens of the main camera from the security of their own home.

How is the Skytronn Set up?

The Talent Unit of the Interrotron Mark III sits on the main tripod and on HDSDI or HDMI cable. The Cable goes into the Skytronn System which captures the video and makes it available to the built-in MAC Mini and Audio Device.  A touch screen on the device accesses the internal computer which is loaded with all needed aoftware including: OBS, Skype Pro, Zoom, Bluejeans, etc.

Audio goes in and out of the Skytronn with standard XLR ports.

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Skytronn Basic Unit Setup:

This above video shows connection of the basic Skytronn device by connecting the HDSDI video out from the main camera to the capture device and then into the supplied laptop.  Zoom and OBS software are preinstalled on the laptop.

Video and audio out from the Zoom session is accomplished with an HDMI cable from the laptop to the monitor on the Interrotron.

Audio in and out is the responsibility of the sound recordist A1. He/she will need to get the talent’s voice into the laptop and get the sound form the director’s Zoom session out of the laptop.  The A1 will also need to insure there is no feedback.

Skytronn Specifications

  • The Skytronn Pro Unit connects our onboard Mac Mini USB3 computer to a large number of  internal video & audio components for capture, playback, or web streaming. The 4RU device can easily capture  DCI 4K60 4:2:2 using a single-link 12G-SDI or up to DCI 4K30 4:2:2 video with an HDMI source.
  • Skytronn’s capture and impressive  12-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) video with  rates ranging up to DCI 4K30 and 8-/10-bit video at rates up to DCI 4K60.
  • There is a built-in LCD display which enables the user to easily monitor the signal. An SD card reader provides instant access to the internal SD media. Our compact Skytronn USB3 interface delivers blazing-fast connections while also l trickle-charging the  on-board MAC Mini computer. 
  • Included audio includes both 16-channel SDI and 8-channel HDMI embedded I/O, with standard 3-pin XLR audio input. A standard headphone port is included.
  • The Skytronn System Pro easily handles  both compressed and uncompressed video,.  The unit  is Windows, Mac & Linux compatible, and will support virtually all useful codecs. 
  • 3D capture & playback is accomplished via HDMI + 3D SDI playback at rates ranging as high as DCI 4K30. 
  • DaVinci Resolve and additional software are included on an SD card. 
  • The Skytronn is powered by its internal 100-240 VAC adapter.

Computer and other internal functions are accessed via a large LCD touchscreen and Mac keyboard and Magic Mouse