Green Screen Stage Rental New York

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Chelsea 26th Street Studios

Green Screen Stage D

Three Wall Green Cyc Soundstage

$1850 Ten Hour Day

  • 11.5 Ceilings, 23′ Wide
  • Lighting Grid
  • Prelit Green Screen
  • Grip and Lighting included
  • Power
  • Studio manager
  • Large Greenroom
  • Hair & Makeup Room
  • Kitchen Access
  • Freight Access
  • High Speed Internet
  • 120 amps / 3 phase electric
  • WebCasting Available

Soho Studios Two Wall Green Cyc

Soho Studios Two Wall Green Screen Stage Rental
  • $1495 Ten Hour Day | $ 200 hr after 6pm, Before 8 am
  • Soho Manhattan | Soundstage | 20′ X 25′ Green Two Walled Cyc
  • New Green Screen 2.0  Technology with 4K Virtual “Jett Sets”
  • Full Grip & Electric | Green Room & Kitchenette | Makeup  Room
  • Wardrobe Room, Steamer, Iron | Production Bull Pen Two Desks
  • Rosco Chroma Green Pre-lit Cyc | Control Room | Printer
  • 12′ Ceiling | 10′ to Grid | 200 Amp power | Trash Removal
  • Available Jib With 3D Tracking on Green Integrating Virtual Sets
  • Freight Elevator 8am to 5pm | Hand Carried Gear in Pass Elevator
  • WebCasting Facility | Media Tours | 1 GB Symetrical Internet
  • Moveable Kitchen Island with Cook Top & Food Prep Area

When done correctly, Green Screen Videography is the perfect way to get spectacular production value at minimal cost. 

When done badly, the result can be a nightmare for the editor and a financial disaster for the producer.

The first question is: Which is Best, Green Screen or Blue Screen?

The vast majority of digital composition today is done in Green Screen Sound Stages primarily for two reasons.

  1. The sensors of modern video cameras are most sensitive to green, which gives a much cleaner image against which to key than blue screens. This is because the green channel has a higher luminescence than the red or blue channels.
  2. Chroma green, the shade found in most soundstages, is the color furthest from human skin tone.

Having said this, blue screens can be preferable to green in situations where a foreground element is green. For example, if your talent is the HULK, we could not suggest any of our Green Screen Studios; he would likely become angry when he appears invisible and go on to destroy the set.

Green screen stage rental

One of the most critical elements in getting a good, clean key on Green Screen is proper lighting.

green screen stage - green screen cyc with women standing

You will want to light the Green Screen with a flat, even light.

Your talent and props should stand at least 5 feet from the Green Screen so that the green light bouncing from the screen does not fall on anything. (If you don’t do this, your trouble in eliminating any green spill in post production could be enormous.) Here are some more tips to help you avoid this.

  1. Take your time and look carefully at a professional camera monitor before your shoot.
  2. Make absolutely sure there are no green edges on any foreground element.
  3. If any green is in the foreground, try to identify and flag off the offending light source or wash out the green with a stronger, more directional lighting source.

Needless to say, your talent should never wear green or other light colors which might reflect the surrounding green screen. This applies especially to below the waist.

A white shirt worn under a dark jacket is fine; however, white stockings, pants, shoes, or leggings are a major source of trouble. This is also true for highly reflective or bright, shiny surfaces such as jewelry, shiny shoes or transparent glass objects.

Your director of photography may solve a good deal of potential green spillage issues by simply using as little green screen as possible. However, many producers also aim for huge green screen soundstages, regardless of how much they need.

To compensate for reflective spill, use side spill suppressor lights flanking the subject to warm up and wash out spill, which will give you a good, clean key.

Don’t neglect your green floor. If you are on a cyc and the floor is green, you may have green light reflected upward onto the talent. If the shot does not include the floor, simply throw down a few black sound blankets.

Major Green Screen Stages NYC

green screen studio - Brooklyn

On to Cameramatch Move

Many professional Green Screen Directors of Photography use this technique to avoid having to lock down the camera. A series of tracking markers are placed on the Green Screen background.

 In post-production, computer programs match the camera movement of the actors against the position of the tracking markers on the Green Screen. They then sync the live action to the inserted video. This results in a fluid, natural camera movement.