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20-year-experience in video production and chroma key technology? That makes us masters! 

Be it Live Streaming or WebCasting, the American Movie Company got it all covered. As one of the pioneers of Green Screen Sound stages rentals, we have become experts in video production. Not only that, we have unrivaled knowledge and the best understanding of video production in New York City.

With the American Movie Company, you’ll be sure to have:

  • Quality video productions
  • State-of-the-art video equipment
  • Efficient and professional video operators
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Questions regarding green screen operation? Feel free to consult us and our team of experts will answer them for free.

Why not Blue Screen?

In reality, the type of background screen to use depends on the project. In recent years however, with the rise of digital film production, green screens have become more popular, even necessary. 

Blue and green are the colors furthest from the human skin tone. But modern digital cameras are most sensitive to green. The chroma green color gives a much cleaner image. It has higher luminescence, therefore, reflects more light. That means a lesser cost on production.

So, green screen serve better in most cases. 

But the blue screen is not to be taken lightly. Blue screens are best used when your foreground already exudes the green color, like Kermit the Frog, the Hulk, or Mike Wazowski.

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Easy Lighting Tips on Green Screen

Use flat light deliberately

Save yourself from the trouble of eliminating green spills in post-production. 

Flat lighting can be achieve by evenly lighting your green screen. Make your subject and props stand at least 5 feet from the Green Screen so that any bouncing light from the screen does not fall on anything.

As pointed earlier, refrain your talent from wearing green and other reflective colored clothes or materials such as large jewelries and shiny shoes. Props that gleam must also be avoided. 

Also, have a green light reflected upward to the subject when the floor is green. But be sure to minimize it. You can do this by putting a dark carpet that match the set. Never underestimate the importance of your background image.

When spills do happen, a side spill suppressor light comes in handy. Use it to warm up the subject and wash out the spill. Some DPs would solve green spill by using little green screen however, producers want huge sound stages regardless.

Be it a little or big green screen, whatever caters to your needs, the American Movie Company Green Screen Sound Stage NYC has got your back. Our Green Screen Studio Rentals have black drapes that can turn our green screen into a partially or completely mask cyc that will help you manage green spills.

Mind your light.

Certain lights should be used exclusively for the green, others for front elements such as people and props. Here are other lights to consider:

  • Modeling lights. Continuous lights to illuminate the subject. This can be controlled in certain brightness to see how it will play along against other lights.
  • Back lights. Gives the subject depth and sense of place. It gives more definition and separation from the background.
  • Fill lights. Balances out the key light and helps to ensure a smooth, even lighting.
  • China Ball. A white Chinese-lantern looking light. A beautiful, soft life that doesn’t cast any shadows.

Minding and knowing to separate your lights when using the green screen can make a huge difference in production.

Cameramatch Move

This technique is used by many green screen Directors of Photography to insert computer graphics into live action footage, creating a fluid, natural camera movement.

Tracking markers are placed on the Green Screen background. Computer programs match the subject’s movement against these markers and sync it to the live-action.

Mixing Your Foreground to Your Background

To create a smooth illusion that the fore and back grounds are in the same reality, “mixing” them is paramount.

You can create this by having common elements in both grounds. Have an element in the background placed as a practical object in the foreground. It can be a tree branch that matches the trees in the background. Or a book which matches the bookshelf or library in the back.

Make sure to make every shot believable.

Our Green Screen Studio NYC provides everything you need.

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